ROTONE® Guitar Resonance and Tone - Research & Tests Analysis

A series of tests are performed on guitars to establish initially a behavioural pattern of instruments vibro-acoustic changes. Analysis of frequencies response to identical strumming patterns are undertaken for recordings before and after strumming vibration sessions using the Rotone device.

A Stratocaster model solid body electric guitar as well as a Les Paul model have been tested before and after acoustic vibration sessions using the ROTONE device. The guitars are seasoned, decades old instruments. The results are demonstrating that the acoustic vibrations generated by the instrument strings are positively affecting the tone by improving the acoustic resonance in guitars wood elements.

Important parameters changes that have been identified are directly influencing the quality of tone in a guitar or similar stringed instrument. Two main improvements observed are the increase in lenght of sustain and the frequency response restructuring patterns.


1. Instrument sustain potential has increased with 10%.

In both solid wood body guitars tested, the sustain characteristic has increased with 10% in time. Sustain in guitars is the result of a complex system involving the dynamic response of the wood in guitars body and neck elements. The results are indicating that the wood mechanical properties are positively influenced by the playing time.


2. Frequency response changes

The frequency response changes have been analised and positive improvement had been identified in the peak frequency values of harmonic series compared to non harmonic frequency components. Significant improvements following the ROTONE acoustic vibrations treatment have been observed mainly in the High Mids to Brilliance frequency range.


The full research test results will be published soon with breakdown and comprehensive analysis. Further research is ongoing for testing instruments wood capacity to adapt and respond to acoustic vibration influence. Wood is an organic material used to make musical instruments for centuries and its amazing acoustic and mechanical properties are inimitable.

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